Degetex is moving from Vichte to a brand-new residence in the industrial zone De Blokken in Zwevegem.

“Centralisation of stock offers nothing but benefits”

The year 2011 will be a new milestone in the history of Degetex. The textile company of Filiep Depoorter will move by the end of next years’ summer to a larger establishment in Zwevegem. “In terms of logistics we will be able to offer a better follow-up. Furthermore, it will be easier for the clients to reach us,”according the General Manager.

Gemain Depoorter founded Degetex in 1962. “Initially we were a weaving mill, but because of the well-known evolution in this sector we have changed our method 5 years ago,” explains Filiep Depoorter, who has been active in this company for over 20 years. “In the year 2010 we are mainly a trading company, which specialises in technical fabrics. Our specialty is decorative blackout fabrics for the residential and contract market. Our clients are foreign (especially European) wholesalers, which sell our products on cut length-basis to their clients by a private trademark.”

Everything situated at one location

Degetex does not only restrict itself to sales. “In corporation with our clients we control the quality of the fabrics offered by our supplier and we can make modifications in colour.
We extensively decide what the supplier can deliver. It took us a while to profile ourselves in this way, but thanks to positive word of mouth we were able to increase by 40 %. This year this will be about 20 per cent.”

Moving to Zwevegem does bring nothing but benefits. “At the moment our stock is held by our suppliers and customs warehouses. In our new building (4000 m²) we will be able to stock everything at one location. This way we can guarantee an even better follow-up of the orders. The height of the building (10 meters) allows us also to stock in a more efficient way.

Closer to Kortrijk

The plans for the new residence, situated at the industrial zone De Blokken, have already been approved a while ago. “Currently they are levelling the building site. And if everything goes according to plan, we can lay the first stone in February. The actual removal is planned for June-July 2011. We hope we will be able to move everything before the summer holidays. Since our clients always stay in Kortrijk, they will not have to travel that far to visit us. Also because of our network of agents we can meet the desires of our clients.”

At Degetex there are currently 5 employees at work. “If we develop even more, we will possibly need to recruit more employees in the future. In any case we will continue focussing on the niche market.